Women are catching up with men on their alcohol consumption and its impact on their health, according to international evidence collated by the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre at UNSW.


An art installation celebrating a scientific project to replant forests of seaweed that disappeared from the Sydney coastline in the 1980s is a feature of this year’s Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi.


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Corruption, climate change and the sometimes violent ramifications of the oil trade will feature in the 2016 Jack Beale Lecture on the Global Environment to be delivered at UNSW in November.

Australia needs the vision, evidence-based decision making, process and participation that scientist leaders offer, writes Emma Johnston.

Avoidable hospitalisations among Aboriginal children are almost double those of non-Aboriginal children, UNSW research has revealed. 


The "dressed qubit" is enveloped in a magnetic field.

Engineers from UNSW’s Centre for Quantum Computation & Communication Technology (CQC2T) have created a new quantum bit which remains in a stable superposition for 10 times longer than previously achieved, dramatically expanding the time during which calculations could be performed in a future silicon quantum computer.


Professor Andrea Morello (Project Leader) and Dr Arne Laucht (Research Fellow), School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications, UNSW.

UNSW engineers have created a new quantum bit that remains in a stable superposition for 10 times longer than previously achieved, dramatically expanding the number of calculations that could be performed in a future silicon quantum computer.


HIV/AIDS expert Professor Clifford Lane will deliver the UNSW Dean of Medicine lecture later next month. Photo: supplied.

Infectious diseases expert Clifford Lane will deliver UNSW Medicine's Dean's Lecture, outlining the challenges ahead to find a cure for the close to 40 million people living with HIV/AIDS.

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China detains staff from Australia's Crown Casino for "gambling crimes"

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One of the biggest surprises about our evolution is the extent our ancestors engaged in amorous congress with the evolutionary cousins, writes Darren Curnoe.


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Since spawning a global craze, Pokémon Go has shed a third of its players. What did the developers do wrong, and what can others learn about keeping gamers happy, asks Mark Humphery-Jenner.


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Professor Pamela Hanrahan and Professor Dimity Kingsford Smith are among the experts who will advise the panel investigating ASIC’s enforcement powers.


Why our bodies are even more amazing than what we see in the night sky.

Professor Joe Wolfe from UNSW’s School of Physics explains why our bodies are even more amazing than what we see in the night sky.

red wine

Resveratrol is found at only trace levels in red wine. Cyril Hanquez/Flickr, CC BY

Can drinking red wine containing resveratrol make you live longer? Perhaps, but you'd have to drink over a thousand bottles a day, writes Lindsay Wu.


UNSW Canberra space test engineers Philippe Lorrain and Arvind Ramana carrying out initial acceptance tests on the BRMM (Buccaneer Risk Mitigation Mission) spacecraft bus from Pumpkin, Inc.Photo: UNSW Canberra

A state-of-the-art miniature satellite that will play an important role in developing Australian Defence space capability is ready for launch after passing gruelling tests that simulate the harsh environment of space.


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In the unedifying standoff with the Solicitor-General, George Brandis has scored a series of spectacular own goals for his government and the Australian people, writes Gabrielle Appleby.

coffee dementia

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Can drinking coffee truly lower the risk of dementia? Ageing expert Henry Brodaty is not so sure.


UNSW Adjunct Professor Lucy Turnbull will work with UNSW students to design the future of Sydney. Photo: Greater Sydney Commission.

Chief Commissioner of the Greater Sydney Commission Lucy Turnbull AO has been appointed Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Built Environment. 

child poverty

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It's now almost 30 years since Bob Hawke promised to end child poverty by 1990. In the meantime we have seen economic growth deliver rising real incomes to most Australians, yet the pledge remains a distant goal, writes Peter Saunders.


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Our inability to lose weight could be related to the trillion or so bacteria and other organisms that colonise our gut, write Margaret Morris and Jessica Beilharz.


A burnt ancient manuscript at the Ahmed Baba Centre for Documentation and Research, in Timbuktu. Benoit Tessier/Reuters

The International Criminal Court's sentence against Al-Mahdi for destroying ancient artefacts at Timbuktu sends the right message about the importance of cultural heritage, but it misses a valuable opportunity, write Lucas Lixinski and Sarah Williams.