UNSW quantum physicist Michelle Simmons has delivered the 2017 Australia Day address for NSW, urging young people to tackle life's hardest tasks and to strive to be the best they can be.


Brittney and Laura (at front) on a Women and Engineering Camp industry visit

UNSW is on track to reach its target of 30% female enrolments in engineering by 2020, after a record number of women received offers this year.


New Science Minister Arthur Sinodinos Photo: Insurance Council of Australia

The new minister for science Arthur Sinodinos has some challenges ahead, but there is an opportunity to build on the foundations laid by his predcessors, writes Les Field.

Record numbers of young people interested in the future of cities have chosen UNSW’s City Planning degree, with demand increasing by more than 100 per cent.


Pursuing her passion for education...Caitlin Matthei.

High-achieving students Shakir Islam, Caitlin Matthei and Ryan Betbeder are thrilled to receive an offer to study at UNSW in 2017.


The thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) was the largest known carnivorous marsupial of modern times. Photo: Flickr/Biodiversity Heritage Library.

Scientists have reconstructed the brain architecture of the enigmatic Tasmanian tiger for the first time, revealing new information about its intelligence and social life.


Harvard University's Professor Lisa Randall

Professor Lisa Randall of Harvard University spoke to CSIRO/UNSW's Associate Professor Lisa Harvey Smith about the strange nature of our Universe before her ThinkInc talk at Sydney's Seymour Centre.


Could dark matter have triggered the extinction of the dinosaurs? Do extra dimensions exist? And what comes after the discovery of the Higgs boson? Harvard University’s Lisa Randall ponders the strange nature of the Universe.


Photo: Shutterstock

Brexit and Trump pave the way for more financial market uncertainty, writes Richard Holden.

video game movies

Photo: Shutterstock

The vast majority of video game movie adaptions are commercial and critical failures. So with big budgets, dedicated fans and real talent involved, what's going wrong, asks Mark Humphery-Jenner.


Social researcher Dr Hugh Mackay. Photo: Supplied

Social researcher Dr Hugh Mackay will deliver UNSW’s annual Gandhi Oration on 30 January 2017, discussing why neighbourhoods matter and how good neighbours build strong communities.


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We humans are capable of vocalising many different words in a range of languages. But what is it that gives us a remakable and variable voice, asks Noel Hanna.


The composition of the High Court of Australia in 1952. Photo: Wikimedia

There are strong reasons to think Susan Kiefel's era as chief justice of the High Court will be “business as usual", writes Andrew Lynch.

For app designer and international exchange student Ewaldo Moritz Neto, UNSW’s Michael Crouch Innovation Centre is nothing short of “paradise”.

Cricketer Carly Leeson is on a high – her team is leading the Big Bash women’s competition and she has just scored a prestigious Ben Lexcen Sports Scholarship to study at UNSW.


UNSW's Kate Brandis with some citizen scientists

Calling all citizen scientists! Get involved with ANSTO and UNSW's Feathermap of Australia project, collect feathers from waterbird habitats, send them in for for analysis and help protect Australia's wetlands.

Melissa Knothe-Tate

Professor Melissa Knothe Tate with her computer-controlled jacquard loom. Photo: Paul Henderson Kelly

For the first time, UNSW biomedical engineers have woven a ‘smart’ fabric that mimics the sophisticated and complex properties of one of nature’s ingenious materials, the bone tissue periosteum. 

printing money

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If it's so easy to fix a nation's economic ills by simply running the printing presses round the clock then why doesn't everyone do it, asks Richard Holden.