Annual Art & Design

UNSW Art & Design Annual 2016 – Premiere screenings preview


Climate scientist Dr John Church. Photo: Supplied

John Church, one of the world’s leading experts on sea level rise caused by global warming, is joining UNSW's Climate Change Research Centre.


Photo: Shutterstock

Most of our drugs policies have failed to curb use or reduce their impact on individuals or society. It's time for a more enlightened and informed approach, writes Alison Ritter.

Shark attacks are so rare and variable, proving the effectiveness of shark nets in reducing attacks is no mean feat, writes James Smith.

A new study appears to show plants can learn from experience, raising intriguing questions about the possibility of plant cognition, writes Prudence Gibson. 


A dusky hopping mouse. Image: Ben Moore

Extermination of dingoes and the consequent loss of small mammals – not just overgrazing by livestock – have led to a rapid spread of woody weed shrubs across semi-arid Australia, a new study shows. 


Peter Cooley. Photo: CSI

Recent UNSW graduate Peter Cooley has been listed as one of the country's top 25 social impact influencers by Pro Bono Australia.

Madeline Gleeson

Madeline Gleeson, a lawyer and research associate at the Andrew and Renata Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law, with her book Offshore. Photo: Quentin Jones

Madeline Gleeson's confronting account of life for asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus Island is a finalist in the Victorian Premier's 2017 Literary Awards.


Dr Anita Ho-Baillie with perovskite cell.

They’re flexible, cheap to produce and simple to make – which is why perovskites are the hottest new material in solar cell design. And now, UNSW engineers have smashed the world efficiency record.


Professor George Williams AO. Photo: Grant Turner

Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act should be amended to apply only to language that will "degrade, intimidate or incite hatred or contempt", writes George Williams.


The new head of the Business Council of Australia, Grant King, needs to change his tune to remain relevant. Photo: Richard Wainwright/AAP

In its appointment of new president Grant King, the Business Council of Australia looks set to double down on its failed strategy instead of genuinely doing things differently, writes Lindy Edwards.

Killer robots, disaster recovery, youth depression, climate change and rising inequality were among the pressing global issues tackled at UNSOMNIA, UNSW’s Grand Challenges launch event.

Evidence that populations of the platypus are in decline across Australia – to extinction in some locations – has sparked a UNSW-led research project to assess the iconic animal's conservation status.


Jun Yi Loh's design of Sydney's Fish Market's incorporates themes of food security and sustainability

UNSW's graduating Master of Architecture students have reimagined Sydney's Fish Market to include floating markets, vertical farming, and communal villages. 


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Concerns regarding the effects of affordable housing development on property values and quality of life for existing residents are largely unfounded, write Gethin Davison and Edgar Liu.

UNSW is offering the first undergraduate Social Robotics course in Australia, giving students the opportunity to design robots that engage emotionally with humans.

From promoting rural medical education and researching renewable energy to inspiring country students into higher education, UNSW is committed to making a difference to regional Australia.