UNSW marine biologist Iain Suthers will lead a scientific expedition aboard the brand new research vessel Investigator next week to study the secrets of small eddies along the NSW coastline.

Neanderthal skull

The ~35,000 year old Pestera cu Oase cranium is probably a hybrid between modern humans and Neanderthals. Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA

It seems the broad menu of sexual tastes our species enjoys extends back to our Palaeolithic ancestors and includes other hominin species, writes Darren Curnoe.

Scientists in the lab

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Should Australia invest in more or fewer fellowships, and should they be for junior or senior researchers, asks Merlin Crossley.

destructive bosses

UNSW Business School researchers have discovered why some managers excel under pressure while others resort to bullying and harassment.

Aboriginal food supply

Aboriginal people alleviate food insecurity by going crabbing or fishing on traditional lands. Tracey Nearmy/AAP

The majority of food production is increasingly owned and managed by large corporations that have little, if any, regard for Indigenous sovereignty, write Karen Soldatic, Kim Spurway and Kelly Somers.

Featured expert

Australian national security and defence; China Defence White Paper

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Professor of International Security
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Image: Phillip george

After witnessing the rise and fall of many empires, the ancient archelogical site of Palmyra is under threat from Islamic State and may well be destroyed, writes Phillip George.

A shallow diving kit, an inflatable life-saving device and a bushfire early detection system are three UNSW student innovations recognised in a national design competition.

Nathan Adler

CREATE president Nathan Adler with the giant PacMan game.

A giant robotic PacMan game with glowing LED adorned ghosts, designed and built by UNSW students, will feature in the Vivid Sydney light festival. The game will be on display in Martin Place from 22-24 May and from 29-31 May. 

Solange Cunin

Solange Cunin. Image: Grant Turner / Mediakoo, with thanks to the Powerhouse Museum.

UNSW aerospace engineering student Solange Cunin has a plan to make access to space easier and more affordable, and boost Australia’s nascent space industry in the process.