Fifteen of the University’s top-performing female academics, including two new Scientia Professors, are featured in the latest edition of Research @UNSW.


Professor Rodney Phillips begins today as Dean of Medicine at UNSW.

Eminent immunologist and HIV researcher Professor Rodney Phillips begins today as Dean of Medicine at UNSW, returning home after nearly 40 years abroad.

Tony Abbott

Image: cc CeBIT / Flickr

There’s a perfect storm of circumstances that make our parliament a hotbed of avid anti-terrorism legislators, writes Fergal Davis.

With Marina Abramović in Sydney for a two-week residency, Professor Ian Howard from UNSW Art & Design will unveil rare footage from his first encounter with the provocative performance artist. 

Only 10% of the 800 Pine Gap staff are Australian government employees, sparking fears that 'corporatisation' is eroding Australia's knowledge of what goes on at the key intelligence facility, writes Philip Dorling.


A man of letters ... Adam Goodes receives his Honorary Doctorate

Sydney Swans AFL star and former Australian of the Year Adam Goodes has been awarded an honorary Doctor of Letters – UNSW's highest honour – for his dedication to reconciliation and distinguished service to the community. Read the story on the UNSW Newsroom.


Scientia Professor Trevor McDougall

Research on climate system science and work to develop a cutting-edge biosensor have won three UNSW scientists prestigious Australian Laureate Fellowships.

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Housing has become just another investment asset – but the consequences are unsettling.

xray binary star

Rings in X-ray light surrounding the bizarre X-ray binary star Circinus X-1.
Image NASA/CXC/Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison/S.Heinz et al; Optical: DSS

Astronomers have measured the distance to one of the Milky Way’s most bizarre objects for the first time, using the Australian Mopra radio telescope near Coonabarabran.


Heart and brain vessels visualised from MRI data by John McGhee

A hands-on public showcase using interactive art technology and 3D tours of the brain will offer insights into the mysteries of the mind this weekend.

Elderly woman

Image: cc Mikael Kristenson/Unsplash

Many retirees can and should use their financial assets to bolster their standard of living, write Rafal Chomik and Susan Thorp.


One of the Redfern Legal Centre’s main roles – its police powers practice – has been saved from closure thanks to UNSW Law sponsorship. The successful state-wide service was under threat after a number or state and federal funding losses.


Image: AAP/Kim Christian

Conflating suicide and mental health statistics with FIFO deaths is counterproductive, writes Carlo Caponecchia.