UNSW has again topped the list of Australian universities with the most millionaire graduates, the latest global analysis shows.

A tragic accident meant Ngoc Tram Nguyen could not realise her dream of studying Law at UNSW  but a scholarship established in her memory has made that dream a reality for others.

A flagship theatre company can transform a city's view of its place in the world, which is why the role of Artistic Director is so important, writes John Severn.


We need to convince voters and politicians to see research funding as an investment, not a cost, says Dr Darren Saunders. Photo: Flickr/National Cancer Institute

A medical researcher's career is one of frustration, melancholy, curiosity, hope and sacrifice. So what keeps them going when funding for science is scarce and the public rejects their expertise? Dr Darren Saunders reflects on his life's work. 


Scientia Professor Justin Gooding

Sensor technologies to help tackle big challenges in agriculture, health, the environment and industry have received a major boost with the NSW Government investing $700,000 in a new Smart Sensing Network.


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Government should find the money to fund universities and research in line with the kind of country Australia should hope one day to become, writes Rob Brooks. 

As scientists make a renewed push for greater action on climate change, a new installation at the Australian Museum brings home the fragility of our world, writes Prudence Gibson.

China cyber crime

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It's no surprise that China represents a cyber threat to Australia. The real issue is what are we doing about it, writes Greg Austin.


Gudaga Project Officer Natasha West with daughter Alyssa. Photo: Clare Morgan

Conversations that began almost 20 years ago have helped change the delivery of health services to Aboriginal children and their families in south-western Sydney.

The fossil remains of a new species of tiny marsupial lion that prowled the lush rainforests of northern Australia about 18 million years ago have been unearthed in the Riversleigh World Heritage Area.


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Projects to mend damaged heart cells and to fix the gap in Indigenous healthcare are among the NHMRC's top 10 medical research projects of 2015.


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Few realise that in the 1960s the Australian government planned to relocate the entire population of Nauru to an island off the Queensland coast, writes Jane McAdam.