Australia's reigning robot soccer world champions are on their way to Germany to face their arch-nemeses in what is expected to be a tough battle to retain the coveted crown in robotics and artificial intelligence.


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If neither side reaches 76 seats, Australia could be faced with weeks of uncertainty, writes George Williams.


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Britain’s decision to depart from the European Union has caused convulsions in the Australian sharemarket but things may yet turn out OK, according to the UNSW Business School's Richard Holden.

Fresh Science

Fresh Science winners need to present their work in the time it takes for a sparkler to burn out. Photo: Shutterstock

UNSW has dominated the field of finalists in the 2016 NSW Fresh Science awards, designed to help early career researchers share their stories of discovery.


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There is a compelling argument for NSW (and Queensland) to come into line with the rest of the country on the matter of decriminalising abortion, writes Nicholas Cowdery.

If we are to have a mature and sensible debate on Indigenous recognition, we must be more willing to embrace difficult issues and diverse perspectives, writes Paul Kildea.

Intimate video portraits of people interacting with alpha brainwave-controlled art forms the basis of George Khut's residency at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra.

UNSW’s Football United is using the World Game to help heal social wounds in Myanmar, which is slowly recovering from six decades of conflict.

Research shows that having experienced shareholders that use swing trading on boards is better for business than the independent directors required by the ASX, writes Peter Swan.

UNSW engineers have demonstrated just how easily cars can be washed away by even the smallest currents – reinforcing warnings that crossing floodwaters is a dangerous and potentially life-threatening thing to do.​


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Professor Bill Rawlinson from UNSW's School of Medical Sciences explains what the Zika virus is, and the particular concerns for pregnant women contracting Zika virus disease. 



Chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) damages peripheral nerves and can result in numbness, tingling, pain or weakness in the feet, lower legs, hands and fingers. Photo: Shutterstock.

Understanding how chemotherapy-induced nerve damage impacts on the quality of life of Australia’s cancer survivors is the goal of a new survey launched by UNSW.

coral reef

A healthy coral reef.

For the first time, researchers have uncovered the mechanism that explains why some reefs are able to withstand high ocean temperatures and avoid destructive coral bleaching.


UNSW tests with quad bikes and dummies show how bikes can crush a driver in a rollover.

Farmers and other workers who ride quad bikes are being strongly encouraged by UNSW scientists to participate in a new online survey to assist with research into the safety of quad bike use in the workplace.


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Moves toward gender equity in opportunity, including the dismantling of patriarchal power structures, might, paradoxically, also widen sex differences, writes Rob Brooks.

Storms that battered Australia's east coast are a harbinger of things to come and a stark reminder of the need for a national effort to monitor the growing threat from climate change, UNSW coastal researchers warn.

robot reading

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Deep learning, which uses a “deep” neural networks, loosely modelled on the human brain, looks set to be an important component in the AI toolbox, writes Toby Walsh. 

Orange is the New Black

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Since it was released in 2013, Orange is the New Black has redefined images of femininity on screen and paved the way for a host of new woman-centred TV shows, writes Jessica Ford.