Astronomer and award-winning author Professor Ray Jayawardhana will give a public talk about the incredibly small and elusive particles of matter called neutrinos at UNSW on Tuesday evening.


A man of letters ... Adam Goodes receives his Honorary Doctorate

UNSW is proud to have awarded Adam Goodes an honorary degree in June. Today, in an open letter, we reaffirm our support and admiration for a fine Australian champion and role model.


UNSW journalism student Annalise Bolt is the winner of the 2015 Jacoby-Walkley Scholarship (credit: Grant Turner)

UNSW media student Annalise Bolt has won a prestigious scholarship from The Walkley Foundation to work at 60 Minutes and Nine News.  

Featured expert

Obesity and low health literacy

Professor Mark Harris

Professor of General Practice
9385 2511/9616 8520

A UNSW study has found only 15% of GPs reported success in treating obese patients (iStock).

Australian GPs are failing in their attempts to help overweight or obese patients lose weight because they are mistaking low health literacy with a lack of motivation, according to new research.

The open letter signed by more than 12,000 prominent people calling for a ban on artificially intelligent killer robots is misguided and perhaps even reckless, writes Jai Galliott.

Unswot student

Dorjee Sun (left) with students in the Unswot program.

You’ve heard of swotting – locking yourself away to cram before an exam. Now a group of 100 UNSW students are perfecting the art of un-swotting – learning through connecting and conversing. 

Abbott government

If we were to evaluate two equally able politicians on their ‘merit’, chances are the man would outperform the woman. AAP/Lucas Coch

Can we judge merit without gender bias? And is merit really the right measure for ability anyway, asks Lisa A Williams.

Grant Turner's photo of one of UNSW's soccer playing robots is a runner-up in the Scimex multimedia competition. The robot team recently defended its World Championship title at RoboCup 2015 in China. Scimex, the Science Media Exchange, was created by the Australian Science Media Centre (AusSMC) to help reporters cover science, medical and technology stories.

Solar panels

Solar panels used for lighting village homes in Sri Lanka. Image: DSA0020SLA World Bank / Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Disruptive finance tools such as crowdfunding are capable of accelerating the deployment of off-grid solar where traditional finance mechanisms have failed, writes Andrew Blyth.

Univative 2015

White Ribbon Winning Team: Aninda Mukhopadhyay, Asri Wijayanti, Hugh Vidler, Tina Liu, Peterson Opio (White Ribbon), Delia Donovan

Working on real-life projects for high profile organisations such as The Salvation Army, White Ribbon and Accor, UNSW student teams have won three of nine projects at Univative 2015.

Law 1 0

We may need to rethink the nature and purpose of a law degree, write Richard Holden and Rosalind Dixon.


A UNSW study has found baby rats whose mothers were fed a high-fat diet, including pies, cakes, biscuits and dim sims, had larger than normal hearts with fewer taste receptors. Photo: iStock

Baby rats whose mothers were fed a high-fat diet had larger than normal hearts with fewer taste receptors for bitter flavours, according to new UNSW research.


Dr Alex Donald

UNSW chemist Alex Donald has won the inaugural Michael Guilhaus Research Award – a national prize for research in mass spectrometry that honours the memory of the late UNSW instrument designer.