Drivers are being sought to have their cars fitted with world-leading technology as part of a $4 million UNSW-led study into everyday driving behaviour.



Foreign ministers Julie Bishop and Mohammad Zarif demonstrated a growing rapport between Australia and Iran in reaching agreement on some but not all fronts during her visit to Tehran. EPA

Dubious intelligence sharing and asylum seeker deals aside, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop’s visit to Iran is an important step in bringing the pariah state back into the international mainstream, writes Antony Billingsley.


Living memories

A trip to the GP may see you walk out with a clean bill of health, a specialist appointment or a prescription. But a referral to go and discover your inner Picasso? 


First World War veterans gather at Armistice day commemorations on November 11, 2008. Image: iStock

The Victoria Cross has become a standard benchmark of valour in war, but is our fascination with the medal skewing our perspective on Australia's military history, asks Peter Stanley.

MOOC personalised medicine

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With the increasing availability of genetic testing, glimpsing your future risk of disease based on your own genetic makeup is now more tempting that ever.

Terror, anti-terror laws, special forces

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An estimated 90 Australians are now fighting with and supporting terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq. Are we placing too much weight on new laws' power to combat extremism, asks George Williams

UNSW engineering students have launched a high-altitude balloon from Warrumbungle National Park, in central NSW, as part of a global challenge to capture data and images from the edge of space.

Dingoes Daniel Hunter extinction

Set largely in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, this film by UNSW PhD candidate Daniel Hunter explores the role of dingoes in forests and demonstrates their removal is having negative repercussions on ecosystems. The full documentary will be launced at UNSW in May.

Darren Curnoe Race

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Are races real? Find out what evolutionary biologist Darren Curnoe has to say in this latest episode of 'How Did We Get Here?'


Rachel Wilkins (foreground) packing food with Chelsea Clinton. Photo: Clinton Foundation

Packing food for disadvantaged families at three o'clock on a chilly winter morning with Chelsea Clinton gave UNSW Masters student Rachel Wilkins a practical perspective on philanthropy.


Claire-Elise Green. Image: Grant Turner / Mediakoo

Claire-Elise Green will use a CSIRO scholarship awarded in memory of four scientists killed in a helicopter crash to travel to Germany to further her PhD research into how stars are born.

Game of Thrones Laura Shepherd

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Popular culture remains at the margins of international relations, yet it has much to contribute to the understanding of the power dynamics at play in world affairs, write Laura Shepherd and William Clapton.