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The government’s response to the cancellation of the visit by the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants is evidence of the bewildering doublethink regarding Australia’s “legitimacy” as an international leader, UNSW's Human Rights Clinic says.


NSW Police has advised that the general security threat at UNSW has been downgraded.

tap water

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A new survey shows Australians don’t mind if the water coming from their tap is recycled, writes Stuart Khan. 


The HIV virus attacking a cell (iStock).

Scientists are now better able to predict how quickly the HIV virus will return after patients stop treatment following a discovery by researchers at UNSW and the University of Oxford.


The ripple effect ... justice reinvestment in Bourke has been successful

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda will give a public address at UNSW's city campus tonight. 


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The main barrier to a greater uptake of cycling is a widespread concern about safety and lack of appropriate infrastructure, writes Soufiane Boufous.

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The world’s first calculation using two quantum bits in silicon has been demonstrated by a team of engineers at UNSW Australia. The manufacturing techniques used are the same as those employed in today’s silicon chip industry, opening the way to ultra-powerful quantum computers. 


Follow-up studies of prisoners after their release have found that 56% reported resuming smoking on their first day of release and 84% had relapsed within three weeks. Image: iStock.

Prison bans will not reduce smoking rates unless more support is given to prisoners to help them kick the habit once and for all, according to UNSW researchers.


Lead author Menno Veldhorst (left) and project leader Andrew Dzurak (right) in the UNSW laboratory where the experiments were performed.

A team of Australian engineers has built a quantum logic gate in silicon for the first time, making calculations between two qubits of information possible – and thereby clearing the final hurdle to making silicon quantum computers a reality.  


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With the advent of Prime Minister Turnbull, everyone is talking about innovation and startups – and that has to be good thing. But now we need to go a step further and put the systems in place to support budding entrepreneurs, writes Chris Styles.

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Counter-terror laws: govt wants to be able to detain suspects as young as 14

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warragamba dam

Warragamba Dam NSW. Photo: Jonathan Pope. CC BY 2.0

New technology is providing important insights into how groundwater connects with surface water, which will help protect our water supply, write Katarina David, Andy Baker and Wendy Timms.


A NDARC study has found codeine-related deaths in Australia are increasing as the consumption of codeine-based products increases (iStock).

Codeine-related deaths in Australia more than doubled between 2000 and 2009, largely due to accidental overdoses, new research from UNSW’s National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre has found.


Have you ever wondered why we have an appendix? Or why some of us can wiggle our ears? And just why are we so hairy? Find out in the latest episode of our series on human evolution, "How Did We Get Here?"


Transparent 'memory ink' could have applications for printable electronics

UNSW scientists have developed nanoscale ceramic cubes that can store data and be printed in a transparent solution onto a range of surfaces, providing memory for next-generation printable electronics. 


Australia Day celebrations in Hyde park, Sydney. Photo: iStock

Far from making us safer, legislation allowing Australian citizenship to be stripped from dual nationals would make matters worse, writes George Williams.