Inscribed with the words “Barangaroo Masterplan” and topped with a gilt-bronze model of James Packer’s proposed $2 billion casino, Barangaroo Doppelganger is a political statement on wheels that asks: ‘How did this happen, and how does it implicate us all?

The rapid reduction in cost of DNA sequencing has made this one-time fantastical idea an emerging reality, but there are many reasons to be cautious, write Caroline Ford and Orin Chisholm.

Reducing tariffs and quotas is one thing, but modern trade pacts often include coercive investor provisions that fly in the face of the notion of fairness and the worker’s right for a fair go, writes Tim Harcourt.

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Greek debt crisis

Mr Tim Harcourt

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Power of Engineering Day is one of the activities held by UNSW Engineering to encourage female students to consider a career in the field.

UNSW is hosting Power of Engineering – a full day of events, talks, workshops and hands-on activities for 160 girls in Years 9 and 10.


China's central bank has added cash into the financial system, following a cut to interest rates over the weekend. Image: iStock

The worsening Greek debt situation is adding to investor reluctance to buy Chinese shares, according to UNSW Australia’s Visiting Fellow in Banking and Finance Vic Edwards.

Mental health and work

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The government's contention that employment is positive for those with mental illness is strongly supported by the evidence, write Philip Mitchell and Geoffrey Waghorn.

Scientists, engineers and clinicians are delivering 3D printed bionics and novel electroactive materials that can communicate with muscles and nerves; they’re reprogramming cells and repairing tissues; and they’re synthesising functional nanoparticles to swim through blood and deliver drugs. Welcome to the sixth International Nanomedicine Conference.

Martin Green

Professor Martin Green

Professor Martin Green charts the exceptional success and future of his world record-holding photovoltaics research group.

Global Student Challenge

The winning team: (L-R) Ryan Chen, Daniel Liang, Aengus Tran

A UNSW student team has won gold in a global innovation and entrepreneurship competition with an innovative app that helps users book events and organise their social life.


Professor Rodney Phillips begins today as Dean of Medicine at UNSW.

Eminent immunologist and HIV researcher Professor Rodney Phillips begins today as Dean of Medicine at UNSW, returning home after nearly 40 years abroad.


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China has played an important role in Australia's economic development over the past three decades, writes Tim Harcourt.


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The Australian government's attempt to give unprecedented powers to the private operators of Australia's immigration detention centres looks unlikely to pass the Senate without significant change, write Gabrielle Appleby and Claire Higgins.