When UNSW scientists James Goff and Catherine Chague-Goff studied the effects of the 2011 Japan tsunami, they made a discovery that will save lives in future disasters. And it all came down to a handful of soil.

This is the first episode of Catastrophic Science, the series that uncovers the life-saving work that has resulted from natural and man-made disasters.


A scene of devastation after the 2011 Japanese tsunami

Cutting edge UNSW research projects resulting from catastrophes such as fires, tsunamis, terrorism and infectious diseases are the focus of a new video series produced by UNSWTV.

Winter School 2015

Winter School 2015

Travelling from as far away as Murray Island in the Torres Strait, 100 Indigenous high school students have arrived in Sydney for a week-long taste of university life.

We need a more holistic discussion about expanding and improving early-childhood education opportunities, developing clear links to paid parental leave, and promoting genuinely flexible employment, write Deb Brennan and Sam Crosby.


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A new McKell Institute report shows Australia is being left behind by other developed nations that treat childcare as a vital early education opportunity, and not simply ‘babysitting’ for mothers returning to the workforce. 


Cumberland Plains woodland west of Sydney

Climate change has emerged as a key threat to a wide range of Australian ecosystems according to a study which is the first to implement a new Red List for identifying systems at high risk of degradation.

Greek flag, storm

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From the outset, economic history was against Greece joining the Euro, writes Ross Buckley.

coal power

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The writing is on the wall for coal-fired power in Australia, writes Mark Diesendorf.

message app

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One day, I'd love to have one app to message them all, writes Peter Wells.


What's that in the wardrobe? UNSW Art & Design student Kidakorn Tangsucharittham's beautifully realised animation provides a haunting with a twist. 


A voice for those behind bars ... a protest about black deaths in custody

Former High Court judge Michael Kirby will headline a UNSW panel debate on the health and social consequences of Indigenous incarceration, to mark NAIDOC week.


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The last time a minister was able to micro-manage individual grants was back in the 1950s when Menzies oversaw the Commonwealth Literary Fund, writes Joanna Mendelssohn.

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Greek debt crisis

Mr Tim Harcourt

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Our expectations of randomness are often wrong, write Daniel Little and Chris Donkin.

video game

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The motivation to play violent video games is closely connected to people’s desire for sex, write Michael Kasumovic and Tom Denson.


Richard Goodwin with his Barangaroo Doppelganger. Photo: Joshua Lynch

Inscribed with the words “Barangaroo Masterplan” and topped with a gilt-bronze model of James Packer’s proposed $2 billion casino, Barangaroo Doppelganger is a political statement on wheels that asks: ‘How did this happen, and how does it implicate us all?