Scientia Professors Matthew England, Rob Brooks and Jane McAdam. Photo: Grant Turner/Mediakoo

UNSW has announced the first leaders of its Grand Challenges, an initiative to establish the University at the forefront of debate and policy response to the biggest issues of our time.


Myanmar's largest city, Yangon. Image: Shutterstock

The National League for Democracy is leading a major peace process that could see not only an end to decades of conflict against armed ethnic groups, but also a way forward for constitutional reform, writes Melissa Crouch.

The new home of Australia’s leading materials science and engineering research and innovation – the Hilmer building – has been officially opened by the NSW Premier Mike Baird.


How will digital technology impact on future health care and universities? Two global leaders in their fields signal revolutionary changes are on the way.


Animated DNA molecule on FedTV in Federation Square, Melbourne 2013. Author provided

Science by stealth is one of the most powerful strategies for a visual science communicator, Kate Patterson confesses.


Image: Shutterstock

Blockchain technology doesn’t do what most people seem to think it does, writes Stephen Wilson.

HIV negative shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

Curing HIV – or at least achieving long-term remission – is possible, under the right circumstances, writes Bridget Haire.

Eight top universities – led by UNSW – have launched a music video by Australian twin-sister DJ duo NERVO to highlight engineering as an attractive career for young women.


In this latest Know Thy Selfie episode, Dr Tom Apperley asks what the Pokemon Go craze is all about – and most importantly what does it say about us? Pokemon Go has dominated headlines around the world recently as hordes of gamers take to the streets, chasing down pocket monsters at "pokestops" which can be any local landmark – even a police station or in one unfortunate case a Holocaust museum. 


Image: UNSW Engineering

DJ duo NERVO – the 29-year-old singer-songwriters and sound engineers Miriam Nervo and Olivia Nervo – talk about their new music video and why women should love engineering.

Emma Johnston

Emma Johnston. Photo: Maja Baska

Men still outnumber women in senior positions in Australian universities and other workplaces. Women are pushing for change but it's men who can help redress the gender balance, writes Emma Johnston.


Rodney Phillips. Photo: Miles Standish

Dean of Medicine Professor Rodney Phillips has been awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Liverpool in recognition of his leadership and contribution to tropical medicine.

Kath Albury

Associate Professor Kath Albury

How do you define sexting and when is uploading a sexy pic a possible crime? Kath Albury, Associate Professor in UNSW's Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, explains.


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During a disease outbreak, lots of people can become infected in a short time and develop immunity, making it hard for the pathogen to spread, write Nicholas Geard, Cameron Simmons, James McCaw, James Wood and Jodie McVernon.


Image: Babbletrish / Flickr

Cyber violence is a form of violence. This is because misogynist e-bile – alongside the racist and homophobic versions – can cause its targets actual harm and not mere offence, writes Emma Jane.

Breast Cancer Cell

Cancer cells. Photo: Shutterstock

A powerful new technology that maps the “social network” of proteins in breast cancer cells is providing detailed understanding of the disease at a molecular level and could eventually lead to new treatments.

Africa lions

The eyes painted on the rumps of cattle in Botswana are designed to ward off marauding lions, helping to save the livestock and the lions from farmer retaliation. Photo: Ben Yexly/UNSW

UNSW conservationists are painting eyes on the rumps of cattle in Botswana as part of a study in "psychological trickery" to prevent lion attacks and the lethal retaliation that results.