One of the great difficulties in assessing China’s geopolitical intentions is the apparent contradiction between its uncompromising security policy and its seductive economic outreach, writes Alan Dupont.


UNSW Arts and Social Sciences has become a key partner of the Sydney Film Festival to showcase the best of international and local cinema.

Western Australia

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Every year or so, rumblings emerge from Western Australia that it might leave the Federation, however these threats are largely empty words, writes George Williams.


The world’s first Extended Depth of Focus contact lens, for people who experience blurred vision while doing close-up work like reading or sewing, has been granted approval by the US Food and Drug Administration.

solar map

Consumers curious about how much rooftop solar systems could reduce their electricity bills can now find out with the click of a mouse, thanks to an innovative tool developed by a UNSW researcher.

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Renewable Energy Target

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Unless you’re Pollyanna, you know how it feels to sink into the doldrums. But when does dwelling on the negative go too far?

Project StepCity footprint

Can we help find a better way through inner city congestion? A cross-faculty team of five UNSW Australia students have created ‘Project StepCity’ as their entry into the inaugural U21 Global Ingenuity Challenge.

Movement educator, Charemaine Seet

Movement educator, Charemaine Seet, demonstrates mind-body techniques to students.

Animation students are getting out from behind their computers to learn body movement techniques designed to bring their characters to life.


Professor Paul Davies and Lucy Hawking on stage at the Sydney Opera House on Saturday with Professor Stephen Hawking, beaming in via hologram technology from the University of Cambridge. Photo: Prudence Upton

Physics superstar Professor Stephen Hawking, and his daughter Lucy, a renowned author, have been awarded the 2015 UNSW Medal for Science Communication. Professor Hawking wowed audiences at the Sydney Opera House, beaming in from Cambridge via hologram technology thanks to a partnership with Cisco and UNSW's Big Questions Institute.