A new approach to ovarian cancer detection developed by UNSW Vice-Chancellor Ian Jacobs could lead to widespread screening for the disease that kills about two in three sufferers in Australia.


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We can’t expect the budget to be a perfect predictor of debt and deficits – not even one year ahead. But we should at least make sure we’re not conned by the treasurer, or commentators, writes Richard Holden.

Dust Bowl

A young boy covers his mouth during a dust storm on farm. Cimarron County, Oklahoma. April 1936. Image: Arthur Rothstein; The Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division

Two ocean hot spots have been found to be the potential drivers of the hottest summers on record for the central United States in 1934 and 1936, knowledge that may help predict future calamities.

As in Australia, the process of abolishing the death penalty in Indonesia will take time, led by people with a deep commitment to the value of human dignity, writes Patrick Earle.

The Dust Bowl

A dust storm approaching Stratford, Texas. Image: NOAA George E Marsh Album.

Dr Markus Donat explains how warm ocean temperatures in the Atlantic and Pacific at the same time led to an extremely dry spring and the hottest summers of 1934 and 1936 during the Dust Bowl in the United States.

China flag

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One of the great difficulties in assessing China’s geopolitical intentions is the apparent contradiction between its uncompromising security policy and its seductive economic outreach, writes Alan Dupont.

Western Australia

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Every year or so, rumblings emerge from Western Australia that it might leave the Federation, however these threats are largely empty words, writes George Williams.


The world’s first Extended Depth of Focus contact lens, for people who experience blurred vision while doing close-up work like reading or sewing, has been granted approval by the US Food and Drug Administration.


We know perfectly well how to reduce inequality and tackle political favouritism and rent-seeking. The question is almost entirely one of political will, write Gigi Foster and Paul Frijters.

Uttam Kumar

Uttam Kumar

He beat 37,000 other hopefuls to study in Australia. Now Uttam Kumar has won a prestigious PhD scholarship from UNSW to tackle the growing problem of e-waste.


UNSW Arts and Social Sciences has become a key partner of the Sydney Film Festival to showcase the best of international and local cinema.


Breast cancer cells. Image: iStock

Research assessing the impact of genomic testing on women with a high-risk of developing breast cancer has received backing in the latest round of funding from the Cancer Council NSW.

Movement educator, Charemaine Seet

Movement educator, Charemaine Seet, demonstrates mind-body techniques to students.

Animation students are getting out from behind their computers to learn body movement techniques designed to bring their characters to life.