UNSW scientists working on quantum computing, marine science and threatened ecosystems have won three prestigious Australian Museum Eureka Prizes – for leadership, science communication, and environmental research.


The aftermath ... A mourner at the Erawan Shrine

As the Thai police struggle to find new leads in the bombing of the Erawan shrine, speculation is mounting that China was the bombers' real target, writes Pichamon Yeophantong.


UNSW researchers estimate the flu vaccine is as effective as other heart attack preventative measures (iStock).

If you’re over 50 and get the flu jab, you’ll not only help to keep the dreaded lurgy at bay but you could also reduce your risk of a heart attack.

Islamic State is copying the Nazis in selling valuable artefacts to fund its atrocities and destroying significant cultural sites, writes Lucas Lixinski​.

Curator and PhD candidate, Zoe Butt, has taken her passion for arts and culture to the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leader’s summit.


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A huge proportion of Australia's richest people are amassing their wealth via political connections rather than via business innovation, write Paul Frijters and Gigi Foster.


Human and an extinct Mastodon. Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA

Did the period of human impact on the natural environment begin only 215 years ago? Or is there a bigger story to tell, asks Darren Curnoe.

Blue sparkler

Fresh Science comp challenges scientists to communicate their research before the sparkler runs out. Image: iStock

UNSW has six finalists in the NSW Fresh Science competition that provides training to early career researchers on how best to communicate their science.

Bright future

UNSW graduates. Image: Gavin Blue

Garduate salary is only one factor to consider – and not necessarily the most important – when it comes to choosing a university, write Andrew Norton and David Carroll.

Michelle Simmons

Leading UNSW female scientists discuss their research and passion for science in a video produced for the Celebrating Women in Science Leadership symposium held at UNSW last week.  

Featured expert

Flu jab provides significant protection against heart attacks

Professor Raina MacIntyre

Head of School, Public Health and Community Medicine
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The new cancer drug developed by UNSW researchers is based on a molecule that shuts off a cancer cell’s energy production. (iStock).

Patients with hard-to-treat tumours could know within six months whether a cancer drug developed at UNSW is more effective than traditional chemotherapy, allowing them to live a relatively normal life during treatment.


UNSW's triumphant robot soccer team have returned home from the RoboCup world soccer championship in China, with the winner's trophy in their grasp for the second year in a row.


Attempts are being made to silence animal rights activists through controversial legislation being introduced in state parliament, writes Siobhan O'Sullivan.

Open Day

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Find out how your career vision can become reality and get a feel for campus life, at UNSW Open Day on Saturday 5 September. 


The NSW government's draft strata termination legislation will empower private citizens to compulsorily acquire other people's homes for redevelopment, even if that redevelopment fails to produce any public benefit, warns Cathy Sherry.