UNSW engineering students have launched a high-altitude balloon from Warrumbungle National Park, in central NSW, as part of a global challenge to capture data and images from the edge of space.

Game of Thrones Laura Shepherd

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Popular culture remains at the margins of international relations, yet it has much to contribute to the understanding of the power dynamics at play in world affairs, write Laura Shepherd and William Clapton.

MOOC personalised medicine

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With the increasing availability of genetic testing, glimpsing your future risk of disease based on your own genetic makeup is now more tempting that ever.

Cane Toad

The cane toad's diet of dung beetles in Australia's tropical rangelands could be having a serious impact on cattle health,  a UNSW-led study suggests.


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The High Court says ICAC had no power to investigate Crown prosecutor Margaret Cunneen, an important decision that is likely to have a bearing on other ICAC investigations, writes Gabrielle Appleby.


Jess Baker and the Western Sydney Scouts. Photo: Grant Turner/Mediakoo

Children are the focus of a world-first online anti-stigma program that aims to change attitudes around one of our fastest growing health issues.


High vaccination rates need to be maintained to control the disease. Image: iStock

Australia’s unique policy of linking financial benefits to vaccination poses a real risk of backlash, write Raina MacIntyre and Daniel Salmon.

New app technology being developed at UNSW means your mobile phone could soon know you’re depressed before you do. 

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High Courts rejects ICAC bid to investigate prosecutor
There's been a lot of media commentary as to whether the alleged conduct of Margaret Cunneen merited investigation but that will ultimately be a question for the police.
Darren Curnoe Race

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Are races real? Find out what evolutionary biologist Darren Curnoe has to say in this latest episode of 'How Did We Get Here?'


Rachel Wilkins (foreground) packing food with Chelsea Clinton. Photo: Clinton Foundation

Packing food for disadvantaged families at three o'clock on a chilly winter morning with Chelsea Clinton gave UNSW Masters student Rachel Wilkins a practical perspective on philanthropy.


Claire-Elise Green. Image: Grant Turner / Mediakoo

Claire-Elise Green will use a CSIRO scholarship awarded in memory of four scientists killed in a helicopter crash to travel to Germany to further her PhD research into how stars are born.

Human urinary system in gray x-ray - Istock

Human urinary system

A new treatment option is emerging for men with urinary problems, without the sexual side-effects of medication and surgery.


Half a century ago, 30 students boarded a bus and journeyed through rural NSW to draw attention to discrimination against Indigenous people. It's time we changed the Australian Constitution to finish the work they began, write George Williams and Megan Davis.