An international study led by UNSW’s Kirby Institute has shown immediate treatment for people who are HIV positive can halve their risk of HIV-related serious disease or death.

Malcolm Turnbull

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull launching "I gave a Gonksi: Selected Speeches"

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has joined around 170 people from business, education and the arts to launch UNSW Chancellor David Gonski's book “I gave a Gonski: Selected Speeches”.



Dr Alessandro Rossi, winner of the 2015 National Measurement Institute Prize

Two UNSW researchers investigating medical pathology and electric currents in quantum devices have won prestigious awards from Australia’s National Measurement Institute.

Terrorism, Syria

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The immigration minister's scope for discretion in the proposed legislation to strip dual nationals involved in terrorism of their Australian citizenship is cause for concern, writes Sangeetha Pillai.

Featured expert

FIFA, corruption, and the economics of the World Cup.

Mr Tim Harcourt

J.W.Nevile Fellow in Economics
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Hospital emergency department presentations for young people significantly decreased following the introduction of the alcopops tax in 2008, according to a new UNSW-led study.



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The construction sector needs to engage with social entrepreneurship to address growing social inequity and disadvantage in society, write Martin Loosemore and Dave Higgon.


RV Investigator

UNSW marine biologist Iain Suthers will lead a scientific expedition aboard the brand new research vessel Investigator next week to study the secrets of small eddies along the NSW coastline.

LinkedIn infographic

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Want to work for the most desirable companies in Australia? According to professional networking site LinkedIn, these companies hired UNSW graduates ahead of any other university.


Former Disability Discrimination Commissioner Graeme Innes

Former Disability Discrimination Commissioner Graeme Innes will reflect on his time in the role during a wide-ranging conversation with leading authority on disability law, Professor Gerard Quinn. 



With powerful social forces causing women and men to delay having children, the scientific race is on to assist couples to reproduce later in life. Join fertility specialist William Ledger and social researcher Mark McCrindle as they discuss the issues in the UNSW Medicine Dean’s Lecture.

Scientists in the lab

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Should Australia invest in more or fewer fellowships, and should they be for junior or senior researchers, asks Merlin Crossley.

John Nash

John Nash’s contributions to Game Theory opened the door to modern economic theory, helping us understand issues from the Cold War to how to promote efficiency in markets and deter crime, say Carlos Pimienta and Gabriele Gratton.

A shallow diving kit, an inflatable life-saving device and a bushfire early detection system are three UNSW student innovations recognised in a national design competition.

Nathan Adler

CREATE president Nathan Adler with the giant PacMan game.

A giant robotic PacMan game with glowing LED adorned ghosts, designed and built by UNSW students, will feature in the Vivid Sydney light festival. The game will be on display in Martin Place from 22-24 May and from 29-31 May. 


20 years of legal history ... (l-r) Professors Andrew Mowbray and Graham Greenleaf and AustLII Executive Director Philip Chung

It’s the first – and most popular – online free legal resource in Australia and this year marks its 20th anniversary.