Medical scientists have invented a new spinal fusion device to reduce chronic back pain, the most common reason for pain and disability in people aged under 50.


The discovery of a rust-proof ultra-light alloy in a UNSW laboratory could lead to improved fuel efficiency in transport vehicles. (iStock)

The serendipitous discovery of a rust-proof ultra-light alloy in a UNSW laboratory could lead to improved fuel efficiency in transport vehicles and greatly reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

16 RoboCup web

Runner-up in the Scimex photo comp: UNSW's Robocup robot. Photo by Grant Turner/Mediakoo

Australia faces an artificially intelligent invasion in 2019, when hundreds of robots descend on Sydney to battle for coveted RoboCup world titles. 

There are plenty of reasons to see this impressive exhibition from Scotland – not least that it includes the kind of art not held in any Australian collection, writes Joanna Mendelssohn.


A detail from the cover of Christina Stead's novel 'The man who loved children'.

Delia Falconer, David Malouf and Gail Jones discuss why they love Christina Stead, while Michelle de Kretser, Fiona McFarlane and Ivor Indyk explore Elizabeth Harrower’s world.

water sunset

Photo: Wyncliffe / Flickr CC0 1.0

Is climate change to blame for the recent record temperatures? Maybe, but it’s not a simple case of cause and effect, writes Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick.

Summer 2015/16

A shark detecting "security guard in the sea" and a portable dialysis machine are just two potentially life-saving devices designed by UNSW Industrial Design graduates.

The UNSW Business School will bring together top entrepreneurs in Jakarta this week to share insights into the future of business in Indonesia.

Tamara Dean

'Wild Researchers' is a unique collaboration between UNSW and award-winning photographer Tamara Dean. The exhibition showcases scientists working in the elements to address issues like climate change, endangered species, toxic industrial sites and marine pollution.

In this video Dean discusses her inspiration and influences for the project. For more information visit:



UNSW Scientia Professor Martin Green AM

Three UNSW scientists are among the winners of prestigious 2016 Australian Academy of Science’s awards, the most of any Australian institution.

Ensuring refugees are protected in the current national and international climate is the central challenge to be discussed at UNSW’s Kaldor Centre annual conference this week.

Einstein 1921

Image: Wikimedia

If it hadn't been for Einstein's genius, it may have taken the discovery of the ‘twin quasar’ in 1979 before physicists linked mass/energy with the curvature of space, write Darren Dougan and John K. Webb.


UNSW St Vincent's Clinical School Associate Professor Gordian Fulde

UNSW Associate Professor Gordian Fulde has been awarded the 2016 NSW Senior Australian of the Year for his work leading the emergency department at Sydney's St Vincent's Hospital.


Artwork by Kata Komlos

​Unable to show the faces of asylum seekers for security reasons, a group of UNSW students has turned to art to put a human face to those held in Australia’s detention centres.


Original Seed by Madeleine Dennis

Ground avocado seeds form the basis of an award-winning resin fruitbowl, one of almost 200 art works featured in this year’s A&D ANNUAL, UNSW Art & Design’s exhibition of graduate work.


Dr Shane Ingrey, the forth indigenous student to graduate from UNSW in 2015 with a PhD, a record for the university. Photo: Dan Wheelahan

Thanks to knowledge from his elders, La Perouse community’s first indigenous PhD graduate in microbiology, Dr Shane Ingrey, is using modern science to shine a spotlight on the medicinal potential of local plants.

Matraville Sports High School students

Matraville Sports High School students.

The UNSW Matraville Education Partnership creates Australia’s first high school-based university centre aimed at tackling academic and social disadvantage.

Matraville Sports High School

Making the leap - Matraville Sports High School students. Photo: Michael Anderson / Paramount Studios

​​UNSW has joined forces with Matraville Sports High School in a unique partnership that creates Australia’s first high school-based university presence aimed at tackling academic and social disadvantage.

Australia Ensemble

The Australia Ensemble will perform the winning piece. Image Quentin Jones.

Entries have opened for UNSW’s inaugural Jonathan Blakeman National Composition Prize to encourage and reward music composition at the highest national standard.


A team of UNSW students has been recognised in the Gold class at Harvard University’s prestigious BioMod championships.

A group of students has returned home from Harvard University’s prestigious BIOMOD championships, where they were placed in the Gold category for their innovative vaccine research .

Aung San Suu Kyi

Image: iStock

As Aung San Suu Kyi's party prepares to take power in Myanmar, UNSW Law is hosting a conference to discuss the opportunities and challenges the country faces after more than 50 years of military-backed rule.

Fallout 4

Image: Midhras / Flickr CC BY-NC 2.0

With the release of post-apocalyptic playground Fallout 4 last week, three philosophers offer their views.


Dr Majid Ebrahimi Warkiani has been named as one of top innovators aged under 35 in the Asia-Pacific by the prestigious MIT Technology Review.

A UNSW engineer has been recognised by the prestigious MIT Technology Review for his pioneering research building miniaturised systems that separate the rare cells of the human body.

Ian Jacobs and Michael Spence

Ian Jacobs and Michael Spence

UNSW and the University of Sydney have announced an historic medical research partnership to help tackle two of the biggest challenges of our time – mental illness and addiction.


For the first time, non-defence students will be able to enrol in UNSW Canberra's undergraduate engineering programs.