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Falling for the halo effect? Mike Mozart/Flickr, CC BY

If 7-Eleven franchisees did their due diligence they'd know that joining the system could require them to be complicit in wage fraud, writes Jenny Buchan.


Australian children have revealed the impact of having a close relative diagnosed with dementia, in a bid to help other children better understand the condition.

Australian children have revealed in a series of videos the impact of having a close relative diagnosed with dementia, in a bid to help other children better understand the condition.



The first study to test the skills of FBI agents and other law enforcers trained in facial recognition has found they perform better than the average person or even computers on this difficult task.


A Black Dog Institute study has found one third of people presenting to hospital in NSW after a suicide attempt will receive no mental health follow up. (iStock).

The first ever study into people presenting to hospital following a suicide attempt has found one third will receive no mental health follow up.


A habitable timber bridge incorporating a pool and café is just one of more than 100 designs showcasing the work of UNSW Built Environment students, graduates and alumni in the annual Luminocity exhibition.


Cross section of a fallopian tube specimen (Ed Uthman).

A world-first biobank of human fallopian tube samples, established by the Royal Hospital for Women and UNSW, will give new insights into ectopic and failed pregnancies, ultimately leading to improved fertility outcomes.


Australian children with the most aggressive forms of cancer are set to benefit from the Zero Childhood Cancer program. (iStock).

Australian children with the most aggressive forms of cancer are set to benefit from a new program that will examine their unique cancer cells to help identify the drugs most likely to help.

Syrian refugees

Two boys stand in front of tents at a camp for displaced persons in northern Syria. Image: iStock

Random bombing of Islamic State targets in Syria will not help ease the suffering of the Syrian people, writes Anthony Billingsley.


UNSW alumnus and Prime Minister's Science Prize winner, Matthew Hill, is one of the CSIROseven. (Credit: CSIRO)

A UNSW alumnus investigating materials that could dramatically improve carbon dioxide capture and enable more efficient hydrogen-powered vehicles is making waves at the CSIRO. 


Interior of the Latin Quarter espresso lounge, Pitt Street, 1958. Photo: Max Dupain and Kerry Dundas, 1958. Courtesy Max Dupain & Associates.

A UNSW book on modernism’s impact on Sydney's post-war architecture and another about Theodore Roosevelt’s environmental leanings have been shortlisted for the 2015 NSW Premier’s History Awards.


Today’s GDP figures showing anaemic growth is further evidence that secular stagnation has hit Australia, says Richard Holden from the UNSW Business School.


Image: iStock

Neil deGrasse Tyson talks to UNSW Science presenter Don Kountouris about losing our connection with the night sky, intelligent life on other planets and the potential for human extinction on Earth.


David Sanderson. Photo: Oxford Brookes University

International disaster risk-reduction expert Professor David Sanderson has been appointed the inaugural Judith Neilson Chair in Architecture at UNSW.


Cambodia. Image: iStock

More than 200 UNSW students will travel to the Indo-Pacific region next year under the federal government’s New Colombo Plan.

Temple of Baal Shamin Palmyra

The Temple of Baalshamin in Palmyra before its destruction in August 2015. Image: Wikimedia / Bernard Gagnon CC BY-SA 3.0

Islamic State is copying the Nazis in selling valuable artefacts to fund its atrocities and destroying significant cultural sites, writes Lucas Lixinski​.


Exploring the possibilities of an older dancer's body - Elizabeth Cameron Dalman. Photo: Bkenoch Book

80-year-old Elizabeth Dalman was "born to dance". Now she's exploring the next phase of her career ahead of her induction to dancing's Hall of Fame. One of the most revered and prolific members of the Australian dance community, Dalman has spent the last two weeks researching the potential for a new work in the Io Myers Studio as part of the UNSW Dance Research Residency program in the School of the Arts and Media.

UNSW scientists working on quantum computing, marine science and threatened ecosystems have won three prestigious Australian Museum Eureka Prizes – for leadership, science communication, and environmental research.

Evolution of the backside

Let's get to the bottom of the story. Just why did human backsides become the shape they are? And what purpose do they serve? Find out in the latest episode of our evolution series: How Did We Get Here?



One of the world’s leading thinkers in architectural history, theory and technology will explore the disruptive potential of big data in next week’s Utzon Lecture.